Why are our rates so high and continue to rise when we are on septic tanks and our own water supply?

The main reason for this, I believe is due to the limited amount of land available in Paekakariki, this in term drives the market price up and then reflects on your rates each year. The sewage and water content of rates has been removed from your rates profile.

Will you change the District General rate from land value to capital to stop Paekakariki residents being overcharged for rate?

The rating system is harsh and difficult to balance across our diverse district. Rates are the Council’s main source of income and provide vital services.  We do need to consider different funding methods over the next 10-20 years as our infrastructure ages and sea levels rise, to ensure rate payers aren’t left with the bill. There needs to be changes to Local Government funding driven and advocated for to Central Government, I am happy to do this…the system is broken.

What are your views on reticulated sewage for Paekakariki?

At this stage with the framework we have for funding it would be a difficult issue to get over the line in Council.  With enhancement of technology in this area we are seeing smaller units that are safer for the environment and take up less ground space. Paekakariki is a special community that is very self-sufficient with its infrastructure or lack of public infrastructure which I believe adds to the unique character that we know as Paekakariki.

What are your views on speed limits and traffic calming in the village?

Paekakariki has been very fortunate to have passionate advocates not only around the council table currently but often in the public gallery at council meetings.  Our population is growing, and everyone seems to be in a rush to get everywhere…… The traffic speed limit tool is tricky to truly understand and the scope of work carried out over the past year or so has not addressed some issues well, however this is an ongoing piece of work.  Several issues have been raised around speed limits in and around school areas.  There is some work that NZTA are carrying out to look at guidelines across NZ to create a consistent message on what is a safe speed around school zones.

How would you encourage more walking, cycling and use of public transport?

Public transport needs to be regular, fit for purpose and easy access.  We have had some failings from Greater Wellington Regional Council particularly with the bus routes, they did not listen to our most venerable on our community. The trains need to be more bike friendly. I have sat on the Accessibility Advisory group and the Cycleway, Walkway, Bridalway advisory group, these groups actively manage these areas and pain points for the community.

Kapiti is very lucky with the beautiful walkways and cycleways we have.  However, I would like to see a change in habits to ‘Ditch the Drive’. I know of many people who just hop in their car to drive less than 1km to the train station car park…this is an achievable walk or cycle. The Stride and Ride project is about to be completed and this has provided some very good connections from the public transport hubs into residential areas, we need the public to use them.  The development of inner town centre living will also add to the ease of moving and vibrancy, informed by 2 pieces of work council is currently doing around housing, hopefully this will be highlighted and encourage further investigation.

What level of support do you have for the Wainuiwhenua vision?

You know your town, you need great advocates that are well connected to your community to get your local projects and ideas over the line.  Paekakariki has a wealth of knowledge and passion that outsmarts other communities.  I will support your vision the best way I can around the table.  I am always open and honest and have the ability to view both sides of an idea/argument. This is an opportunity for Paekakariki to grow and achieve a bigger land base and variable housing stock while adding to your self-sustainability (power generation).  Wainuiwhenua currently has council support and due to the size and impact it could have on Kapiti as a whole, I believe more resources and help will be needed.

Do you support returning the waste and recycling to council management?

No, we have done this exercise and it is very costly.  However, the Solid Waste contract is up for renewal in 2023 and this is where I believe we can make some ‘Front Footed’ decisions on how our waste is treated.

Will you actively oppose Kāpiti’s waste being dumped at Hokio landfill, which contributes to leaching into the neighbouring Ngātakowaru Marae?

Yes. This term I want to make some big changed to how our waste is managed and where it goes, we can do this with the renewal of the Solid Waste Contract.  I want to see better education for households and council working with the waste minimisation community and commercial projects more proactively. Currently Kapiti diverts just 12% of waste from landfill compared to 40% national average. When we had water issues council offered water tanks, I want to offer subsidised worm farms or compost bins as a large percentage of our waste can be composted.

Will you support KCDC becoming a Living Wage employer?

Yes. Wherever possible I believe the council is making steps to provide a living wage across the organisation.

Do you support the establishment of a Climate Change committee under the leadership of the Mayor to give effect to the declared Climate Change emergency declaration?

Yes.  This is a lens that I believe we should be using in all our decisions around the table.  More so at an operational level.  As we have seen in the past 12 months with the renewal of council vehicles and no thought was given to the diesel vs electric.

How do you propose to engage with Paekākārikians to understand the issues for our village?

Always happy to have coffee in the sun at anyone of your lovely cafes on the main street. I have an active facebook page to communicate with the wider Kapiti public and always looking out via social media for things that are happening around and about.